Hand Made Flag Cases

Our Hand made Flag Cases represent the finest and most customizable flag boxes available.  Each  flag case, regardless of price or size, is made individually from scratch to the highest standards. We are going to make Your flag case, not pull one from a warehouse shelf. Our Hand made Flag Cases are made from very fine domestic hardwoods and hand finished with Lacquer. We understand that your purchase is for someone special, and create each flag case with that in mind.

Individually made for you, and generations.

Oak Flag Box for Navy Seal

Select your size and style!

Greg’s flag boxes are made from quality hardwoods including Red Oak, Cherry, Walnut or Maple. 

Standard plate Glass is included, but you may select UV Protective or Museum Quality Non Glare UV glass.

Make sure to consider other Custom Options like Metal Plaques or Laser Engraving

custom red oak shadow box with shell casings and medalions

Hand Crafted Cases for 3×5 Flags

Hard to Find!  4×6 Flag Boxes!!

Artisan Signed Boxes for 5×8 and 5×9 Flags

If you like what you see...

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All Flag Cases are Hand Made to Order from Select Hardwoods by Greg Seitz.  Please Contact him if you have Questions

“Lite Display Base” vs. “Heavy Display Base”

wood flag box options