Customized Shadow Boxes

Customized Wood Shadow boxes

Greg offers an array of wood shadow boxes in sizes that frequently used.  But if you have items that are oddly shaped, require special hardware or extra space for display, we are happy to help!  Customized Shadow Boxes are a part of what we offer too! Greg has made boxes for Swords, Violins, Saxophones, Uniforms, Shrapnel, Extra Large Flags, and Statues, and in the shapes of Trucks, Torpedos and Patches.  If there is an item you’d like to display requiring a custom sized wood shadow box, just Contact US and let us know about your ideas!

As well, not a part of the regular line up of shadow boxes and flag cases are “Dog House” cases…a combination of  a Shadow box with a flag case mounted above. As there are so many options for a “Dog House” Shadow Box, we prefer to build these to suit your needs.  All we need to know is the Size of your Flag, and How much space you need for Display!  These boxes can be highly customized to frame photos and medals, and accentuated with engravings and laser cut mats.  Our Dog House Boxes are truly Custom made for each person.

Based on information you provide, we will create a scaled drawing of your Customized Shadow Box. If you can provide pictures of the items being displayed, we can create a photographic rendering of the finished project..all BEFORE you make your purchase!

Lets take a look at how we do this with a sample:

Your Idea!

Your Idea!

Let us know what you'd like to display
Provide sizes of Elements
Send us a Sketch
Cad, Powerpoint, Napkin Drawing!

Our Design!

Our Design!

We lay it out for Size
Scale Details and Elements
Provide Sketch and Quote for Review
Make Changes before we Build!

Your Box!

Your Box!

Laser Engraving or Metal Name Plates!
Wood or Fabric Box Liners!
Sublimated Pictures!
Internal Frames and Dividers!

Step 1)

Contact Us! Let us know what you are trying to display. A sketch is always helpful with more complex ideas. Make a drawing and scan it…. email, MMS or mail it to us… It doesn’t have to be fancy…just enough to get the point across.  We always like to know what the largest item going in the box is… measure your stuff and let us know…including the depth!


Step 2)

Let us do the rest! We will take all of the information about your box…picture sizes, Engraving information, Wood and fabric preferences, and create a scaled drawing of your box…sometimes with options that maybe you didn’t consider.  Our goal is for you to have a very clear idea of how your box will look before you order it.  We will provide a quote for your box along with the sketch!

Step 3)

With your payment and approval, we build your Custom Sized Wood Shadow Box!  Our shadow boxes are unsurpassed in quality and materials!  You’ll be thrilled with your special display case!  Watch your order get built! Follow Us on Facebook.  We update the page every day showing whose box order is being built!

In this sample, the customer wanted a Customized Shadow Box to display some Boxing Gloves…we need to know how big they are!
We made a  framed “Pocket” to hold the Boxing Gloves and built up the Display Area to move the Pictures closer to the glass.
We suggested adding the Air Force Insignia since it was appropriate, and added interest.
We also added a Laser Cut Wood Mat to frame the pictures.  It also provided an engraveable surface.

Eliminate Guesswork!

Know what you want to do but can’t quite envision it? That’s right up our alley. Send us your idea. We can scale it and make sure your items will fit in the size you need.  We’d really like to help you with your design. Just give us some details about the big items going into your shadow box. Let us know if there is a flag and what size it is. If you don’t know, we can help you size it without unfolding it!

drawing of a flag box
scaled drawing
finished shadow box with sword and flag
Based on our customer’s drawing, we determined that the shadow box needed to be rotated to fit the items they wanted to display. We provided a scaled drawing for their review and approval. They were very pleased with the Custom Shadow box we made for them!!

Make it your own!

See something you like and want to try to make one like it for yourself? Give us a shot! Send us a picture of a box you’ve seen here (or elsewhere).  Let us know about your ideas…whats going in the box? What size is your flag? Is there Engraving, Glass Etching or a Plaque? We can help by creating a full scale sketch of your concept. Make changes before we start building!

doghouse flag box shadow box combination
cad drawing of a flag box
custom wood shadow box with flag
uniform dimensions

What about a Uniform Shadow Box?

Uniform boxes are often more complex than most. There are so many variables that we aren’t comfortable offering a standard size.  As well, many other items can fit into these large boxes such as pictures or other personal items. Let’s make sure you get what you are after!

Since the largest item going into the box is the jacket (Dress Coat, Bomber Jacket, etc…) we’ll start with that. Take a look at the drawing and take the measurements of the lengths indicated  and width.

Let us know and we’ll make a great uniform shadow box for you!

varsity letter jacket shadow box
Military Retirements and Memorabilia Shadow Box

Greg will customize Shadow Boxes and Flag Boxes for Uniforms, Swords, Musical Instruments, and Extra Large American Flags. Custom Wood Boxes can also be made in special shapes! The same process as mentioned above works…we need to know dimensions!