Metal Plaques and Laser Engraving

Engraving is an easy way to make your Wood Shadow Box Flag Box to stand out. Personalize your Flag Case or Shadow Box with a Brass Name Plate.  Your engraving can include a Name, Dates, a Personal Tribute…almost anything you can think to do. Let us know what you have in mind for your Special Flag Box or Shadow Box. We’ll design it and send you a proof  for your approval! Whether it is Laser Engraving or Metal, we will make a highly personalized Flag Box for Shadow box for you!

Single Plate Brass Plaque

1×4 Metal Plates

Black on  Gold

Probably the most common application for our brass plaques is on Flag Boxes. The sublimated black letters and images are easily seen.

A 1×4 plaque is perfect for 2-4 lines of text and can be ordered directly from the website.

Enter your text in the”ORDER NOTES / ENGRAVING INFORMATION” Box during Check Out. We will send a proof for your approval before proceeding!

Walnut Memorial Flag Box with Brass Nameplate and UV GLass

Double Plate Brass Plaque

Single Plate Silver Plaque

1×4 Metal Plates

Black on Silver

Can be applied to Glass, Wood, or Fabric!

Walnut Funeral Flag Case

Double Plate Silver Plaque

Single Plate Brass Plaque

2×4 Metal Plates

Black on Gold

Perfect for our “Hollow Bottom” Flag Cases and name plates for larger Shadow Boxes.  The sublimated black letters and images are easily seen.

A 2×4 plaque is perfect for Short Paragraphs or detailed information, and works well with any flag box or shadow box!



memorial flag box with shell casings

Double Plate Brass Plaque

Single Plate Silver Plaque

2×4 Metal Plates

Black on Silver

Can be applied to Glass, Wood, or Fabric!

Walnut Shadow Box with 5x8 Flag

18x18x Shadow Box with 5×8 Flag Frame and 2×4 Silver Name Plate

We can add images such as Military or Scouting Insignias Too! If you need something larger, or have your own artwork, just let us know!

Double Plate Silver Plaque

engravings for plaques

Laser Engraved Wood

Often, as an alternative to a Brass Plaque, customers prefer to have text and images laser engraved directly onto the wood or glass surfaces. Laser engraving can provide crisp text and highly detailed images without hiding the beauty of the wood. Just as with the Brass, you can choose virtually any font for the text.

Check out how you can personalize your Flag Case or Wood Shadow Box with Laser Engraving!

One Step Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is simple and beautiful. Laser engrave any one piece of your Flag Case or Shadow Box to include Name, Dates, Branch of Service or Organization.   Even Poems or Bible Verses are an excellent choice. We can include images such as Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard Insignias, Corporate Logos to  further personalize your heirloom quality Flag Case or Shadow box!  We provide a scaled drawing of the finished product so you can see how your piece will look before we even start!

maple flag case with laser engraving
memorial flag box

5×9 Walnut “Hollow Bottom” Flag box with One Step Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving can be applied to any piece of wood on any of our Shadow Boxes or Flag Cases. One Step laser Engraving works well on out “Big Bottom” and Hollow Bottom” Flag Cases.

walnut memorial flag box

5×9 “Lite Display Base” Flag Box with 2 Step Laser Engraving

The “2 Step Laser Engraving” is ideal for our 5×9 “Lite” or “Heavy” Display Base Flag Cases!

Two Step Laser Engraving

Laser engrave 2 pieces of wood on any one box.  Ideal for our “Display Base Flag Cases”.  You can Engrave the Facade of the “Lite” or “Heavy” Display base boxes with a Name , Dates, Service Branch and an additional line or two of text on the left.  The right side can include an image or two, such as Branch of Service insignias, Unit Logos and even more text. Be Creative!

5x9 Flag Case with Laser Engraving

Laser Etched Glass

Create subtle effects by adding images and text to the glass window of your shadow box or wood flag frame.  Insignias, Logos and other images as well as text applied to the glass can enhance,  personalize and customize further your heirloom piece.  Check out these samples!


Memorial Shadow Box for Cavalry msdr from walnut

5×9 Flag Case with Laser Etched Glass

Sublimated Images and Embedded Coin Holders

We have been working on a few new items! Adding a photo to our “Hollow Bottom” or “Display Base” Flag Cases has really caught on. Email your photo to us. We’ll touch it up, and print it onto a hard board that gets set into the facade of the flag case. Durable…won’t scratch, and your original photo stays in your hands!
As well, if you have looked around the website, you have probably noticed pictures of Flag Cases and Shadow Boxes that have coins embedded in the wood. This feature adds color to flag cases and permanent home for all those Challenge Coins hanging around in your drawer!

2×3 Photo: $8
Coins: $5
$5 for each additional

Custom Coin Mounts and Racks

Custom Coin Mounts and Racks

Laser Cut Mats for Coins
Shelves for Shadow Box Displays
Inset Coin Mounting Boards

walnut and maple 5x9 flag box
Embedded Coins

Embedded Coins

Coins Mounted for Display
Great for Flag Cases!
Adds Color and Personality!

shadow box for Air force Jacket
cherry wood shadow box for silver coins

Laser Cut and Engraved Wood Mats

Create a custom insert for your Wood Shadow Box to frame photos or certificates, highlight specific medals or coins. We can help design this special element! Engrave images and text! Greatly enhances Dog House style Flag boxes and creates a focal point in any of our standard sized shadow boxes too!
Due to the nature of this item, you’d have to call us with information so we can give you an accurate price.