Domestic Hardwoods

Greg Offers a variety of Domestic Hardwoods for use on your Custom Built Shadow Box or Wood  Flag Box. All of our Domestic Hardwoods are locally grown and responsibly harvested from private forest land in Ohio. All boards are sorted at the lumber yard and selected for grain characteristics, color, and condition. Boards are dried, milled straight and flat and utilized to their fullest.  The nature of shadow boxes and flag cases is such that even narrow boards are quite usable yet often passed up by general consumers. Check out how Greg uses Hardwoods to make a wood flag box.

All Flag Cases and Shadow Boxes are made by Greg from the Domestic Hardwoods listed below.

No stains are used to generate a color. All boxes have a Clear Lacquer Finish

red oak hardwood

Red Oak

Possibly the most popular hardwood in the United States, Red Oak is found in many homes in the form of Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets, Flooring or Trim.  Hard, strong, and moderately priced, Red Oak presents an excellent choice for woodworkers and customers alike! The wood is a light to medium brown, with a very open, vibrant grain pattern,  commonly with a reddish cast.  Quartersawn sections show an unusual “ray” fleck patterns.

cherry hardwood retirement shadow boxes and flag cases


Cherry Hardwood is many peoples First Choice when it comes to making a shadow box or flag case. Cherry develops a rich reddish-brown color as it ages. Often, this  “patina” is  imitated with wood stains on other  less expensive hardwoods, but these stains can not replicate natures own beauty. Cherry darkens all by itself with exposure to sunlight…putting cherry outside in the summer is something Greg will do  to help accelerate the darkening process…but expect your shadow box to be slightly lighter than the sample above when you receive it.

walnut hardwood


Walnut is an elegant darker hardwood that is especially lovely when used for Flag Cases. It has become a more difficult wood to find wider (over 6″) boards with minimal sapwood.   It has a higher price tag than cherry and oak. Certain boards, however, such as those with exceptionally even grain and those with heavy figure, can be much more expensive than standard grade walnut. The figured grain found in walnut isn’t usually as expressive as the figure that maple can exhibit, but it can still add a bit of visual interest to a piece.

maple hardwood

Hard Maple

Hands down, the most difficult wood to work with in the collection. Despite this, Hard maple makes for some pretty spectacular wood shadow boxes and flag cases.  Very light in color and fine grained,  Hard Maple is an excellent choice for laser engraving. Hard maple also makes for a great contrasting wood to use with walnut. You will find many samples of a Walnut/maple mix flag case throughout the site!

5x9 red oak flag case with shell casings from funeral
Walnut box for Military memorabilia
Military shadow box
Military Retirements and Memorabilia Shadow Box
big bottom flag case with engraved sides