mounted challenge coins
custom coin display box
challenge coins on a flag case
challenge coins mounted in a shadow box
3x5 Red Oak Flag Case
Reirement shadow box
3x5 Oak Flag Case
shadow boxes for cub scouts, boy scouts, eagle scouts, brownies and girl scouts
3x5 cherry flag box with mounted challenge coins
walnut shadow box with burial flag
3x5 cherry flag box
Walnut Funeral Flag Case
3x5 flag box with challenge coins

Challenge Coin Mounting



What’s Included?

  • Your Coins Mounted to Hollow Bottom or Display Base Flag Cases
  • Coins Mounted to Shadow Box Fabric Back
  • Any Number or Arrangement
  • Permanent Mounting

What’s Extra?

  • Custom Cut and Engraved Wood Mats
  • Solid Wood Mounting Boards for Shadow Boxes
  • Slotted Shelves for Unmounted Coins

Call for pricing on Mounting Boards!

Please mail us your coins for mounting and provide a list of sequence and visible sides.  We will provide a Proof for your approval. Coins are inset into a wood species that match your shadow box or flag case.

Contact Us for more information!

  • Description

Challenge Coins!

A stunning and colorful way to enhance any Flag Case or Shadow Box is the addition of Challenge Coins. Coins like these are collected over time and presented on Special occasions. To make your Flag Case or Shadow Box more personalized, we offer custom wood plates to frame these coins. Shadow Boxes will often require an additional strip of wood (possible extra charge) for permanent embedded mounting, or a shelf for removable coins. Use the Facade on our “Hollow Bottom” or “Heavy” and “Lite” Flag Display Cases to permanently affix these coins. Mounting your  Coins to any of our Artisan made Boxes will make your display even more special.
Contact Us if you have special requirements for your Challenge Coins.

$5.00 per coin for Flag Cases.

Extra Charges may apply for laser cut mats or mounting boards