Memorial Shadow Box for Bible
laser etched glass
Memorial Flag Box with Laser Engraving and Glass Etching
5x9 flag case with coins and shell casings
shadow box for Air force Jacket
Walnut Funeral Flag Case
3x5 Flag Box for Marine Reserves Retirement
Memorial Shadow Box for Cavalry msdr from walnut
Shadow Box for Doctor's Retirement
Military Shadow Box

Glass Etching



Make your Heirloom Flag Case even more Special! Etch your Branch of Service Emblem onto a Wood Flag Case or Shadow Box!

What Works Best?

  • Larger Images such as Insignias and Logos
  • Text in Large, Bold Fonts
  • Text over Dark. Plain Backgrounds

Add Engraving Information During Check Out

  • Description

Glass Etching is an excellent feature for any Shadow box or Flag Case! All of our Shadow Boxes and Flag Cases have a real glass Window and some enhancement can be made by etching an Insignia from your Service Branch directly into the glass. This effect works best with larger images (4″ or larger) on a simple background. We suggest Etching your Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine or Coast Guard Insignia directly onto the glass of your Flag Case, while adding your text with a Metal Plate. Glass Etching offers a subtle decoration to your shadow box or flag case. Highly detailed images can be used to add this effect.

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