School Varsity Sports and Academics

Our Hand made Graduation, Varsity Sports Shadow Boxes display medals, coins, awards, pins, ribbons and more. Choose from our stock selection or create a custom size. Fabrics to match your school or team colors will make a truly lasting personal gift for Varsity Letters, sports medals and trophies, team photos, certificates and awards. Solid Wood Display cases for Football Jerseys and Uniforms.

As my kids were growing up, they would often participate in activities including team sports and Boy Scouts. They would collect trophies and medals through these activities. Inevitably their awards would end up laying around in their rooms, or on their desks. As parents, we felt a certain amount of pride watching our boys stand on the podium to collect their medals, and we realized that these are moments to be remembered by both the parents and the kids. Custom Wood Shadow Boxes for athletes, varsity sports of all kinds is truly the reason our little company was started. Kids Do Great Things! Show It Off!

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